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Orthopedic and Cervical Support Pillows for Neck Pain

Pillows for neck pain offer orthopedic benefits and support for cervical and lumbar pain, with memory foam, neck roll, and others for bed and travel.

Neck pain can be a debilitating condition and it can have a major impact on the quality of life of those that suffer it. It can make even the simplest of everyday tasks more difficult to carry out and this can be frustrating for those that experience neck pain. Your posture when you sleep can cause or aggravate neck aches and finding a way to sleep more comfortably can reduce the chances of problems occurring. Pillows for neck pain are specifically designed to help you rest in a more comfortable position and this in turn should reduce the chances of suffering neck pain.


The main advantage of using pillows for neck pain is that they can allow you to rest more comfortably and as well as helping to relieve pain they can also help to stop further aches developing. They come in various shapes and sizes and although designed to help those that suffer from neck pain, they are also a good idea for those whose necks are healthy as they can help to prevent any problems from developing.

Varieties Available

There a few a few varieties of pillows for neck pain available and finding the best one to suit your neck problems may require that you try a few. Some of those available which are considered to help remedy neck pain include ergonomic pillows which can also be known as orthopedic pillows. This is typically made of foam and is designed to cradle and support the curve of the neck. Water filled pillows, as the name suggests have a water pouch inside them and this can help to reduce pressure and better support the neck and head. Memory foam pillows are manufactured from material which shapes itself to the contours of the head and neck and retains this shape to provide more comfortable support. These are typically pillows that are used on a bed and if you are looking for a pillow to reduce the chances of suffering neck pain when travelling a u-shape or horseshoe shape pillow can help with this.

With the variety of choice on the market, finding a pillow that suits your needs and provides a comfortable nights sleep is something that is feasible. Pillows for neck pain are available from a variety of outlets and can be found in bedroom furnishing stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, medical supply stores including The Medical Supply Group and also internet stores such as Serenity Pillows. There are a number of manufacturers that produce neck pain relief pillows with some of these including

- Ezysleep

- Mediflow

- Hudson Industries

Here is a video of many more types availbale as well for you to search through.

Companies and Cost

The cost of pillows for neck pain will typically vary depending on the size of the pillow. Smaller u-shape travel pillows are available on the market for as little as $10. However larger pillows designed for use on a bed tend to be more expensive and can cost $50 and greater. The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow, for example, costs $55 to purchase and this is a therapeutic pillow with a water filled bladder. It provides excellent support for the head and neck and instantly adjusts as you change position meaning it is a very comfortable pillow to use.

If you experience neck ache, or are looking for ways to prevent this, then using pillows for neck pain when you sleep is a good idea. They can help you rest more comfortably and this can both relieve existing pain and prevent any aggravation of this. This makes them a good product to consider for your bed.

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