Great decorative pillow ideas and information

Decorative Pillow Options For Your Bed, Sofa, Chair or Floor

The decorative pillow comes in many forms, adding a wonderful accent to any room.

Having a decorative pillow in your home can magnify the overall look and feel of your home’s interior. Though pillows might seem trivial at first thought, having an attractive set of decorative throw pillows can make a big difference. Before you actually hit the stores, read this article for some more insights regarding decorative pillows.

Types by usage

If decorative pillows are divided according to their usage, you get five categories, namely:

Decorative accent pillows – These pillows put emphasis on a specific element part of your home décor. Good examples are wall colors or the color of your room’s furniture.

Decorative sofa pillows- Also known as couch pillows, they are selected based on the located they’re used in.

Decorative toss pillows – Also known as throw pillows, these refer to the way they look in their settings, as it almost looks as if someone tossed them onto their surface. In many instances, they’ll appear on your sofas and couches.

Novelty pillows – These are shaped to look like certain objects (e.g. a person, an animal, or a food in particular). Thus, these are mainly intended to bring an image and impression of humor and liveliness in your room.

Decorative floor pillows – Also known as floor cushions, these decorative pillows are bigger than their other counterparts. They’re just placed onto the floor and people mostly use them while gossiping with friends or amidst other activities like watching television and reading.

Types by design features

In terms of design features, decor pillows are divided into the following categories:


Tasseled pillows generally come with tassels on each of their corners. At times they have one coming from the center, as this adds an extra dimension and detail. These decorative pillows usually have an elegant look, suiting a rather formal environment.


Fringed decorative pillows depend a lot on the kind of fabric they’re made from. Thus, it all depends on the material when you consider whether they’ll be suited to a formal or an informal atmosphere. They’re most often characterized by silk or velvet surfaces. You will find them present in many living rooms. The length and thickness of a fringe pillow can vary from one pillow to another.

Tapestry pillows

A tapestry, as you might be already aware of, is nothing but richly woven fabric. This typically involves pastoral and classical themes suggestive of antiqued wall tapestries. Throughout the world, there’s an expansive demand for hand-woven tapestries. Fortunately, decorative tapestry pillows provide an adequate solution to this. While hand made pieces tend to be expensive, you can find machine made ones for much cheaper prices. Among the numerous design themes most common and popular here are floral designs.

Quilting or decorative needlepoint pillows

Quilted pillows usually feature nice patterns made from decorative stitches. You will find a few quilted pillows that are genuine articles and joined from smaller pieces of fabrics like a patchwork. Additionally, there are other single pieces of attractive fabrics that are quilted for the sake of showing off.

You will find many needlework hobbyists who love passing their time making pillows by using a few smart techniques, like cross stitching, needlepointing, candle wicking, and designing their decorative pillows with silk ribbon embroideries.


Tufted decorative pillows come with indentations, which are generally marked by special buttons. There can be anywhere from one to several tufts covering up the entire top of the pillow.


Corded decor pillows come with decorative braided cords. Cording at times involves nice looking color contrasts.

These are some of the many decorative pillow types. We’ll be discussing several of them at length here, and we look forwarding to discussing them with you.