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Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillow For Body Support

The buckwheat hull pillow offers great head and neck support in bed or elsewhere, filled with organic materials from the hull of the plant.

Getting a comfortable nights sleep is important for your health and a big factor in achieving this is the type of pillow you use. These days there are many to choose from and these range from standard feather filled pillows to anti-snore and memory foam pillows. However a style that has been gaining popularity in recent times for the benefits that it provides is a buckwheat hull pillow and this can be a good choice to make for your bedroom.

What is it?

Unlike the name implies buckwheat is actually a fruit rather than a grain. It grows in many regions of the world and can be used for a few different purposes. Various parts of the plant can commonly be used for food, in medicine, as an upholstery filling and also in recent years for beer making. This makes it a versatile plant and it is cultivated and grown as a commercial crop in many countries.

Unlike the hulls of many plants which are seen as waste, the hulls of buckwheat are sought after as an upholstery filling. It is commonly used to produce pillows and a buckwheat hull pillow can provide a few advantages to those that use it. They provide excellent support for the head and neck and are neither too soft that the head sinks in to the pillow or too firm that the pillow pushes back against the head. The ability to hold their shape well means they can be an excellent choice for those that suffer from back and neck pain, tension headaches and general sleeplessness. As a natural product buckwheat is also effective at letting air circulate through the pillow and this can help to regulate the temperature of the pillow making it more comfortable to sleep on. The advantage that they provide make buckwheat pillows a popular choice with many people.

Manufacturers to Consider

If you decide to use a buckwheat hull pillow in your home there are a number of manufacturers that produce them these days. They are available in a range of sizes and styles and one of the companies to consider if you are looking for one is Makura. They produce three styles of buckwheat pillows which retail for between $20 and $65. The most affordable is the comfort roll, while the two others are at the more expensive end of the price range. These include the Makura Miracle Pillow and the Rejuvenator Deluxe Pillow.

Other companies that produce and sell buckwheat hull pillows include The Pillow Company which has buckwheat pillows on sale from around $20 to $60 and also the Buckwheat Company which has smaller buckwheat pillows available for around $30 and larger body pillows up to a price of around $125. These can be good companies to look to for buckwheat pillows.

When shopping for these pillows, check out this video for a great buyer’s guide.

Great Uses

If you have difficulty getting a good nights sleep then a buckwheat hull pillow is something to try. They provide the head and neck with excellent support and as a natural product are a healthy and sustainable filling for pillows. The advantages that they provide can therefore make them a good choice for the bedroom in your home.

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