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Inflatable, Foam and Other Travel Neck Pillow Accessories

A travel neck pillow is perfect for support in an airplane or car, with microbead, memory foam, inflatable, and other styles widely accessible.

Many people travel long distances these days for both work and pleasure and this can involve spending many hours sitting in a car, train or plane. Sitting for long periods can be rather tedious and trying to get comfortable is not always that easy especially in economy seats. However there are a few ways to improve your comfort while travelling and a simple way to do this is with a travel neck pillow.

The Basics

A travel neck pillow is a small head support device that is produced in a horseshoe or u-shape. This allows the pillow to be slipped around the neck and, as you lie back in a seated position it helps to support the head against the back of the seat. The main advantage of using it is that it can keep your head in a more comfortable position when seated and this can help you rest and sleep better. Falling asleep with your head and neck in an awkward position is not unusual when in a seated position and travel neck pillows are designed to help avoid this.

Types Available

There are a few different varieties of travel neck pillow on the market. One of the most common is an inflatable travel pillow. These usually come in a u-shape and need to be inflated for use. However they can be a convenient pillow to carry when travelling as when they are deflated they are small in size and take up less room in your luggage. When required it is simply a case of blowing them up and you can do this to the required firmness which is comfortable for you with less or more air. When finished the pillow is simply deflated for easy packing. The TravelRest inflatable travel pillow is an example of this and it costs around $26 to purchase. It can be inflated in around 4 breaths and deflates in seconds making it easy to carry and use whenever you are traveling.


Other manufacturers that make travel neck pillow products include

- HoMedics

- Eagle Creek

- Obus Forme

- Samsonite.

Apart from the inflatable models other types of travel pillows can be manufactured with memory foam, temperature sensitive material and with space for cold pack inserts. Depending on your preference these can make travelling more relaxing and comfortable and leave you feeling fresher when you arrive at your destination.

Other Examples and Cost Factors

Some examples of the available travel neck pillows include the Neck Solutions Headache Pillow. This is manufactured in a u-shape and comes with cold pack inserts which can help you stay cooler. This can make it ideal for travelling, especially in warmer weather and the complete pack for this pillow costs around $75. A more affordable travel pillow is the HoMedics Ortho Therapy Neck Support Pillow. This costs only $15 to purchase and is made of foam which will contour perfectly to your neck. The foam has a velour cover and this makes it comfortable to use.

Traveling can be a tedious chore at times, especially when long distances are involved. However there are ways to make yourself more comfortable and a travel neck pillow is one of these. They help support the head and neck when resting in a seated position and encourage better posture. This in turn should help to ensure that you can rest more comfortably and are less likely to experience aches and pain in your neck, shoulder and back when traveling.

Here are a couple videos of the types of pillows you can come to expect when shopping for the right travel companion.

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