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Tempurpedic Pillow For Full Body Comfort and Stability

A Tempurpedic pillow is one of the leading brands for comfort, with memory foam pillows to aid the neck and body in bed, and others for travel.

With most people sleeping for around 8 hours a night, this means that a large part of our lives are spent in bed. It is therefore common sense to make this as comfortable as possible and there are many companies that specialize in making bed products. One of these is Tempurpedic and they produce a range of bed furnishings. This is manufactured using an innovative material and if you are looking for a comfortable place to lay your head at night then a Tempurpedic pillow is a good option to choose.

What Is It?

Tempurpedic has been in the business of making bed furnishings for a number of years. This includes mattresses and pillows and the material they use to manufacture these began life at NASA as they attempted to produce a material to relieve the huge g-forces that astronauts have to cope with. Realizing the immense potential of this, Tempurpedic scientists developed and refined the material, known as Tempur for use in bed furnishings. Today they have a variety of pillows and mattresses available which is made from the material.

Styles and Uses

A Tempurpedic pillow comes in a number of styles although there are two main categories. The first of these is therapy pillows and these are ergonomically designed to enhance the comfort of those using them as well as help to prevent and relieve back, shoulder and neck pain. In this category there are three pillows available and these include the Classic Pillow, Neck Pillow and Side Pillow. Each of these is designed with specific needs in mind. The Classic Pillow is produced of a softer form of Tempur in a standard pillow shape, the Neck Pillow has a dual lobe design which helps to support the curve of the neck and the Side Pillow is designed to comfortably cradle the neck of those that prefer sleeping on their side.

The second category of Tempurpedic pillow available is comfort pillows and these tend to be more traditionally shaped and are available in a variety of sizes. There are six styles of comfort pillow to choose from with some of these including the Suprima Pillow, the Grand Pillow and the larger Body Pillow. Manufactured from Tempur material, these are all extremely comfortable and stylish pillows which will look good in any home.

Buying Tempurpedic Pillows

If you are interested in purchasing a Tempurpedic pillow there are a few places they can be found for sale. Tempurpedic themselves have an online store where you can purchase their products. They are also available in a few stores with Brookstone being an example of where a range of Tempurpedic products are available for sale. The Tempurpedic website also has a dealer locator feature and if you prefer to buy in person rather than online this is a simple way of finding if there is a retailer that stocks their products near you.

If you are looking for some unbias review, there are plenty out there in print and video form. Here is one of the best reviews.


The cost of a Tempurpedic pillow will vary depending on the size and design. The cost of a Therapeutic Neck Pillow varies from around $90 for the small size to $160 for the King Medium size. Other pillows in the range tend to vary in cost between around $80 and $400.

Using a good quality pillow can help to ensure you experience a comfortable and pain free nights sleep. A Tempurpedic pillow is one of the best around and with the choice available you should be able to find a pillow that suits your style and your budget.

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