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Head and Full Body Spa Pillows For Added Comfort

Spa pillows make a great accent in a bath or jacuzzi, with a range of styles available.

Buying the right spa pillows for your Jacuzzi, or even bathtub, can be a great way to add a whole different level to your enjoyment and relaxation.  You won’t believe how your troubles are literally soaked away, as your body can really achieve a whole new level of comfort.  That’s because spa pillows are contoured to fit your body in all the right ways, so that you never have to worry about your comfort again.  All you have to do, is sit back and relax, and enjoy the experience in a completely new and wonderful way.

Spa Pillows Compared to Other Pillows

Most spa pillows feature unique construction in that they are built to be very strong, but also, they are manufactured to be totally waterproof. This makes sense, given the fact that they are meant to go with you into the tub or into your Jacuzzi.  They feature a great and comfortable cushioning system that allows you to totally sink into the pillow, but they will also be supportive as well.  Plus, this is an ideal alternative so that you can soak in the tub for long periods of time, without having to worry about your comfort.  All you really need to think about, is which type of spa pillows will work best for you.

The Two Types

There are really two different types of spa pillows, the type that are meant to cover your entire body, and those that are just meant for extra head support.

Head Pillow

The pillows that are simply for head support tend to be much smaller, and feature a unique bean shape so that they fit your neck, and support the base of your head very well.  They are ideal for bathtubs, as leaning your head against the hard porcelain of your tub isn’t recommended, simply because it can be extremely uncomfortable over time.  With your spa pillows, you’re able to lay and soak in complete comfort, so that you can really unwind after a hard day, in a completely new and more effective way.

Full Body

When it comes to Jacuzzi spa pillows, you’ll want the full body type.  This is because you often sit in a Jacuzzi for longer, or may frequent the tub slightly more often.  Jacuzzis are soothing because of their water jets, and the unique motion of the water, so it’s literally like receiving a light massage.  For that reason, it’s a good idea to take your comfort to the next level, with full body spa pillows.  These will support your entire body while you’re sitting or laying down, so that you can be comfortable in a completely new way.  This way you never feel uncomfortable, despite the hard surface of your Jacuzzi, and you can sit in comfort for as long as you like.

Where To Shop

You can find spa pillows from most retailers that carry supplies for the home.  Usually department stores are going to be your best  bet, and you should be able to find everything you need from retailers like Kohl’s or Target.  You may also want to check a more bath specific store like Bed Bath & Beyond if you’re looking for really high quality spa pillows.  That way you can guarantee your comfort, while you soak your troubles away.

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