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Orthopedic Seat Cushion For The Home, Office or Vehicle

An orthopedic seat cushion is a great addition to any chair at home or in the office or car seating, giving you relief from back and lumbar pain.

Working in an office can mean long hours spent in a seated position. This is especially true these days with many people spending their working life in front of a computer. Many people also do this in their leisure time and spending long periods seated can cause problems for the back and spine. However a simple way to reduce the strain is to use an orthopedic seat cushion and this can help to prevent or relieve back pain.

What Is It?

An orthopedic seat cushion is a simple but effective design. Most come in a wedge shape such that your hips are raised and your knees are lowered when sitting and this is typically a more comfortable position that puts less strain on the back. They are also designed to put less pressure on the tailbone of your spine and this reduces the chances of suffering lower back pain when you have to sit for extended periods. Most have a cutout at the back such that the tailbone is suspended rather than sitting directly on the cushion and this helps to reduce the pressure on it.


There are many situations where using an orthopedic seat cushion will be beneficial. The work place is one if you need to remain seated for your job, although they can also be used in cars and when you make long journeys on a plane or train. Many people like to spend much leisure time using their computer and this is another situation when using an orthopedic style cushion can help. They are typically small enough to be portable and this means you can easily take them wherever needed to suit your needs.


There are many manufacturers that produce orthopedic seat cushions. Tush Cush is one of these and they produce the Tush Cush seat cushion which is orthopedically designed to help reduce the chances of back pain and numb buttocks when seated. It has a wedge shape which helps those using it to sit with the correct posture and a cut out at the back helps cushion the tailbone. It comes in a few different styles and has a removable cover to make it easy to clean. This seat cushion costs around $35 to $55 to purchase depending on the model selected.


Another company that produces an orthopedic seat cushion is RelaxoBak. The seat cushions they produce typically retail in the $30 to $45 price bracket and range from a travel mate orthopedic cushion to a deluxe seat cushion in an orthopedic style. Other companies to consider if you are looking for a seat cushion in an orthopedic style includes Ontel which produces the SESMC6 Seat Solution and Brookstone which has the NapForm Orthopedic Seat for sale. Cost for these can vary from around $10 to $60.

If you spend long periods of time seated either for work or leisure then making sure you are seated in a comfortable position is common sense. This will help to reduce the chances of back pain and other problems. An orthopedic seat cushion can help with this. It is specifically designed to help protect the back and cushion the spine and this ensures you will be more comfortable when seated and suffer less problems.

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