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Decorative Needlepoint Pillows To Make Or Purchase

Needlepoint pillows make great decorative throw and accent pillows, and kits make it easy to make your own.

Pillows are a common feature in most home and serve a couple of functions. Firstly they add to the comfort of a home and can make sofas and armchairs more relaxing places to sit, as well as making beds more comfortable places to rest. The second function is decorative and they come in many styles that can add to the overall look of a home by adding touches of color and pattern. Some of the most decorative cushions available are needlepoint pillows and these can be good addition to seating or bedding areas.

What is Needlepoint?

Needlepoint is a style of embroidery that can be used to create attractive designs on fabric. It has been used for hundreds of years as a method of producing decorative and ornate home furnishings and typically uses wool, silk or cotton to produce a design. It can be used to create a design for a variety of items which can range from belts to bags and cushions.


Needlepoint pillows are popular in the home as the method can be used to create highly decorative patterns. This can range from abstract patterns to pictures of flowers, animals and many other subjects. The end result is a colorful and highly ornate pillow that will bring an attractive look to rooms in your home. They are typically appropriate for the lounge where they can be used on sofas and armchairs and also the bedroom where they can easily be placed on a bed to provide it with a decorative touch.

Make Your Own

If you want to use needlepoint pillows in your home there are a number of ways to acquire them. Many people like to take up needlepoint as a hobby and making you own pillows with needlepoint can be a satisfying way to produce some home furnishings. It also means that you can pick your own designs and whether it is your pet, home or the flowers in your garden, it can make it a more personal design.

There are many kits to get started if you are making your own. Here are a few options.

Purchasing Needlepoint Pillows

However needlepoint pillows are widely available for sale and there are many places they can be found. The internet is one of the best places to look and there are a number of web stores that stock them. Some of those to consider include Throw me a Pillow, Village Net and A-List Furniture. However it can also be worth looking in local home furnishing stores as they may have a selection for sale. Most neighborhoods have them and a local directory should point you in the direction of these.

Cost Factors

The cost for needlepoint pillows will come down to the size of the pillow, the complexity of the design and the quality of the materials used. At the lower end of the market decent quality pillows produced using needlepoint can be found in the $20 to $30 price range. However for higher quality examples the price can easily reach into the low hundreds of dollars.

Most people like to make their home look attractive and needlepoint pillows are a great way to achieve this. They can be produced with highly decorative looks and using them to provide a splash of color in a room in your home can help to enhance the style.

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