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Contemporary and Modern Decorative Pillows

Modern decorative pillows add a wonderful accent to any contemporary decor.

The use of modern decorative pillows will lend itself perfectly to any room with a contemporary aura. It’s always important that throw pillows fit in with a room’s theme, as they’re generally meant to be accent pieces.

Options Galore

There are many colors, shapes, and sizes one might opt for when selecting the best contemporary decorative pillows for a space. There are also ones with patterns, and others that come in solid form. What you should choose all depends on how it might blend with everything else.

Let’s take a look at a few modern accent pillows that may be of interest to you.

Dwell Studio Maze Dark Bronze Throw Pillow

This one costs slightly more than $100 and you can be it from online retailers like The design features are marvelous, involving a large scale pen plus ink renderings that remind you of customary French gardens.

It also features a bird’s eye view through a strong, bold, graphic as well as abstract quality. This modern throw pillow is a great addition into any of your home’s rooms. As far as material goes, it’s a feather and down filled decorative pillow that looks wonderful on bed linens and atop a couch. It comes in a standard 18″ W x 18″ D dimension.

Thomas Paul Zinnia Pillow in Brown

Here’s a $38 modern decorative pillow. As you can see, this product involves some self branding, as it’s named after the designer Thomas Paul, who graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York with a degree in textile design.

To design this contemporary decorative pillow, the utilized his expertise as a veteran colorist. This decorative throw pillow is made entirely from cotton fabric. It has a nice zinnia pattern, along with a brown cover and polyester insert. This is a nice product overall, and its 18″ W x 18″ D dimensions are just the same as the ones mentioned above. Find it at

Paper Cloud Mushroom Square Pillow

This product costs about $80. It holds true to its paper cloud, and the pillow is themed around this. Special techniques have been used here regarding sewing and drawing, as well as printing and cutting.

This modern decorative throw pillow’s design has direct inspiration from the quirky loveliness of nature, meshed with the interpretations virtually everything surrounding us. The designer takes pride in not using any factories or supply chains, as all items were produced directly by the company itself.

This 100% linen throw pillow is a creative option for anyone with an artistic side.

Bliss Living Home Ethan Black

It’s a $75 product that comes from the same site as the paper cloud pillow. The standard 18 x 18 dimensions should suit well with any sofa or bed, as the size is optimal for these furniture pieces. The design here is intricate, and definitely deserves a look.

Amenity Home Cove Cream and Sienna Pillow

This falls just below the $80 mark, and this decorative contemporary pillow is printed with eco-friendly and water-based dyes on 100% hemp or organic cotton fabric. These pillows feature subtle foliage with their designs to provide a mild contrast among the strong lines in such a way that resembles the foothills of LA.

Hopefully one of these modern decorative pillows jumped out to you. You’d be best suited searching for any of them from here to see multiple views of them and see what other owners have to say. The ball’s in your court from here, so make the most of your experience.

Still want to learn more? Research using video and image searches to get more information. Here is a short video involving some modern decorative pillows.

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