Great decorative pillow ideas and information

Accented, Decorative Sofa Pillows and Designs

Make your sofa even nicer with the addition of some decorative throw pillows.

Decorative sofa pillows are regarded by expert designers as the jewelry of a home. They add the final magical touch to your home’s décor. They also polish your overall interior decorating scheme, while you work hard to complete the perfect look inside your house.

Let’s face it! It can be quite intimidating when there are so many possibilities to choose from. So, it’s critical that you choose a decorative couch pillow that looks stylish as well as comfortable.

Here’s a quick reference guide for spotting the finest and best decorative throw pillows to suit your sofa or couch.

Planning Your Pillow Setup

Thoroughly scrutinize the room you are actually planning to beautify. What should be noted is the fact that the sofa and room it’s in should matter a lot. Take a close look at the underlying color palette you have used in your design and also the degree and scale of patterns used throughout the room.

Carefully compile samples of all the fabrics you have used in that room. When you actually go to the shop or clothing store for buying your decorative sofa pillows, take these samples with you so that they’re fresh in your mind. At first thought, this might seem like a meaningless nuisance.

The effort will pay off when you achieve some great peace of mind as you pick out the most appropriate decorative throw pillow. This is the best thing you can do if you’re looking to find a perfect match regarding the colors, print size, and fabric choices matching your existing scheme.


Consider how you or other people using the sofa pillow are likely to use it. You need to consider the fact that decorative couch pillows come with many fancy things and designs, and are by all means considered luxury decorative pillows to many.

If the pillows are meant to just decorate your sofa, perhaps style should take precedence over comfort. This isn’t entirely necessary though, so determine your needs before making a decision here. This could directly tie into the fabric of the sofa pillows that you decide to get.


Next, you need to focus on the scale of the fabric prints you are using. Just in case you have multiple larger-scale prints within your decorating scheme, you’d be safest to go for sofa pillows that feature solid colors. You can also opt for smaller-scale designs on your pillows to facilitate the unification of the space and create a more balanced look.


You may also consider customizing the decorative sofa pillows you are about to buy. There are numerous stores out there that sell special pillow forms, which allow you to creatively design unique decorative sofa throw pillows that perfectly suit your décor or space. A lot of consumers are choosing to take advantage of the opportunity to decorate with such custom items that turn their rooms into truly unique ones!

With this knowledge, you should now know the basics involved with finding great decorative sofa pillows that look great with your surrounding décor.

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