Great decorative pillow ideas and information

Modern, Antique Decorative Pillow Covers and Styles

Add some style to your room with eye pleasing throw pillow covers.

Normally, it’s the cover of a pillow that adds a decorative touch to it, as well as to the things surrounding it. While the pillow inserts are meant to remain out of sight, all the beautifications should be relegated to the covers or cases.

If you are considering getting some decorative pillow covers for your pillows, this article is here to help with some valuable information.

First of all, you should pay attention to four key criteria for choosing your decorative pillow cases.

Design Pattern

Pillow cases and covers come in various designs. Some designs are modern, while others feature classic patterns. Make up your mind regarding the theme you’d like to go for. On the basis of that, you’ll then choose a design for your decorative throw covers. There are numerous prints or embroideries you can choose from.


As stated before, typical designer pillows are smaller. Thus, if you have a large couch, then you’d be best suited if you avoided the typical 16” designer pillows. Try to find larger decorative pillows that mesh well with the measurements of your couch or sofa size.

Keeping in line with that, your decorative pillow cover should be large enough to fit over the inserts. There’s nothing like buying a great looking case only to realize later on that the inserts are too big for it.

Materials Used

Decorative pillow cases are sometimes made out of a wide variety of fabrics. While some are cotton made, others feature silk material. So, as important the pattern of the cover is, the material it is made of has a lot of significance here. However, the most common forms of material used are -

  • Satin decorative pillow covers
  • Silk pillow cases
  • Cotton and cotton blended covers
  • Polyester covers

Apart from that, the most common types of manufacturing techniques used are -

  • Weaving
  • Block Printing
  • Tye dye (Comes in multicolored hues)
  • Embroidery (involves the use of basic stitches such as chain, satin, running stitch, etc.)
  • Mirror work
  • Applique work


Akin to pillows, decorative throw pillow covers come in the form of widely varying prices. Naturally, you can find yourself some cheap ones, but be sure that they pass the test when it comes to durability, comfort, and design.

An expensive decorative pillow cover might seem like a pricey deal at first, but if they last for a couple of years, this should more than make up for the extra money you spent on them.

You should also be aware that the previous three factors discussed (design, size and material) are among the key determining factors when it comes to of price levels. While shopping for decorative throw cases, be sure to do the legwork to get the best deal for your money.

Some additional key considerations about design

If you are looking for something outstanding, be sure to browse through the pillow covers that feature traditional techniques during their manufacturing process. They are more likely to offer the unique appeal you want with your pillow covers.

Here, you can consider products originating from Indian small industries or other Indian textiles. The great thing about these designs is that they’re traditional, yet have a contemporary touch to them.

Lastly, be sure to buy decorative pillow covers that come with flaps and zippers to hide the inserts completely within the covers.

If you are still feeling the need to possibly save additional money, you can also create your own. Here is a how-to video on getting started with that.

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