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Chillow Pillow For Cool Sleeping and Relaxation

The Chillow pillow offers you great cooling comfort in bed as you sleep, staying cool and dry in the process.

If you live in a warmer climate, enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep can sometimes be a difficult prospect. Even with a fan or AC running the heat of your body can make the mattress and pillow feel hot and this can be uncomfortable when you are trying to rest. However a simple way to make things a little cooler for your head, neck and shoulders is to use a Chillow Pillow and this is a simple yet effective product.

What Makes It Different?

The Chillow Pillow is a soft, flat rectangular pillow that is manufactured from medical grade material. This makes it hypoallergenic and non toxic and it is therefore suitable for use by anyone. While it can be used on its own, it is more typically slipped inside the cover of a standard pillow. One side of the Chillow is a flannel like material and this helps it cling to the cover of your pillow while the other side is a plastic material.


Using the Chillow Pillow to provide a more cooling experience as you sleep is simple. It only needs to be activated once when you first use it and this is done by filling the pillow with a couple of quarts of warm water which activates the material inside. The pillow works by the material inside it absorbing the heat from your body and then dissipating this to the surrounding air which provides a cooling sensation. On the outside the pillow stays dry and it does not require refrigeration to work. Once the pillow is activated all that is required is a little maintenance now and then to keep it working. This basically entails topping up the water and removing any excess air when necessary. Other than this it is a relatively maintenance free product.

Advantages Over Regular Pillows

There are a few advantages to be gained by using the Chillow Pillow. There are a number of problems that can be caused by overheating and this includes headaches, neck pain and hot flushes. Using pillows by Chillow can help to alleviate some of these while you rest. Even for those that do not suffer any particular problems the cooling sensation provided by the pillow can help to ensure a more comfortable nights sleep and this can make it worth using. As it remains cool and dry and does not sweat like traditional cold packs it is also an extremely comfortable product to use. If you experience sunburn, heat spots or prickly heat is can also be a good product to have available.

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Sizes and Cost

If you think that the Chillow Pillow is something that would be of use to you there are a couple of sizes available. The Chillow Plus is sized to fit inside a standard pillow and this can typically be found at a cost of around $25 to $35 to purchase. There is also a Chillow Mini available and this can be used on its own by placing below the back, knees or anywhere else to provide some cooling relief. This typically costs around $15 to $20 to purchase.

If you find it uncomfortable to sleep at night because of the heat of your pillow, then the Chillow Pillow is a product to consider. It is simple to use, requires little maintenance and can provide a cooling sensation for your head, neck and shoulders. This can make it more comfortable to rest and sleep and if you are looking for a way to cool down at night it is certainly something to consider.

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