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Bed Rest Pillow For Back and Neck Support

A bed rest pillow provides you with great back and neck support while relaxing in the bedroom, some even coming with arms for more comfort.

While a bed is most commonly used for sleeping in at night, it can be used at any time of the day for resting on. Many people find it a comfortable place to spend time reading a book or watching television. If you enjoy relaxing on a bed then a comfortable way to do this is using a bed rest pillow which can be more appropriate and easier to use for resting on than a standard pillow.

What is a Bed Rest Pillow?

A bed rest pillow typically sits upright and comprises a back rest and two short armrests. They come in a variety of styles with the most common having a back rest tall enough to support your lower back and basic arm rests on which to place your arms. They can help to provide a more comfortable resting position when reading, writing or watching TV and let you sit up rather than fully lying down.

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While a basic bed rest pillow is the most common available, it is also possible to get those that have enhancements. On some the back rest can be taller so that your upper back and neck are also given some support. Some have massaging capabilities while others have cup holders or pockets for easy storage of drinks and smaller items. They also come in a range of designs and colors such that no matter the d├ęcor of your bedroom you should easily be able to find a pillow in the bed rest style that matches this.

Shopping Options

If you enjoy the comfort of resting on a bed but want to sit up rather than lie down then a bed rest pillow is ideal for this. They can be found for sale in a number of outlets with Target having a wide range on sale. Many of these are produced in university colors and they range in price from a round $16 at the more affordable end of the scale to around $37 for the more expensive pillows. This is also true of Walmart which has a range of bed rest pillows in various styles for around $33.

Pillows in the bed rest style can also be found at a number of other outlets with home furnishing stores being a place to look as well as internet retailers such as Brookstone and the Bed Lounge. The cost of a bed rest pillow will typically be dependent on the features it has available. At the more affordable end of the market basic pillows in the bed rest style can be found for $15 to $20. However if you are looking for something a little more sophisticated then this will be more expensive. Bed rest pillows that have massaging capabilities, side pockets and cup holders for example can cost in excess of $100 to purchase.

A bed rest pillow can be a good addition to the bedroom in your home. It provides comfortable support if you enjoy resting on a bed but do not want to sleep. It allows you to sit up in a relaxed position and enjoy reading, working or just simply watching TV. It provides good support for your back and will ensure that relaxing on your bed is a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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